Published: 23rd February 2011
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The demand for elderly care has been increasing through time. Although family members are responsible for taking care of their elders before, caregivers and different institutions are now being hired and given the task of caring for seniors. There has been a very significant difference between the times before and now that made elderly care both a profession and a necessity.

One of these changes is the decrease in the number of family members per household. More families choose to have fewer children today. Because of this, the number of people who can share the responsibility of caring for their aging parents also decreases which makes the situation harder for the available "carers". Another factor that influenced the growth of the caregiving industry is the distribution of family members in different geographical locations. More and more people get separated from their elderly parents because of career or because of having their own families in a different state or country even.

According to some research, the life expectancy of elderly also increased because of new advances in medicine and science. And because people, especially those who are rich enough to afford the products of medicinal research, have greater chances of dying late in their lives, probably during their 80s or their centennial year, the call for elderly care continues to progress.

One other thing that changed the traditional caregiving responsibility in families is the transition of women from just being plain housewives to modern career women. It just so happened that the family structure before involved the ladies of the house being in charged of the household and providing care and assistance not only to the elderly but also to the young ones. And because of this women empowerment, doors have been opened for education and employment making less room for home care sevices.

As the incessant need for caregivers nowadays persist, family members should already start focusing on sparing some time for their aging parents or loved ones. We’ll just never know if the supply of carers ceases to grow. And anyways, although caregivers are professionals and are licensed to provide care and assistance, an hour or two of time spent with the elderly will actually make them feel better.

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